SneakerNet Defined

13 Oct

We’ve started doing regular live stream’s at AssociCom. For the moment, we’ve settled on every second Wednesday at 10:00 am Pacific. There is an archive of shows at We’ve not got 3 under our belts and we’re starting to feel professional.

Well, maybe not too professional as you can see from this short clip of me defining what SneakerNet means 🙂

Yesterday’s stream was on Your Association and the Cloud. The goal was to help demystify some of the hype around the idea of Cloud Computing. We didn’t get to talk about all the things that I had hoped we would, so I think we’ll probably do another installment on the topic in the near future. We did manage to cover a fair bit of ground in terms of covering some of the history that has lead up to cloud computing, looking at the basic technology involved, and diving in to some of the different things that are called cloud computing.

What we didn’t cover in much detail was the analysis of whether cloud computing is a good choice for an association; issues such as security, privacy, reliability, etc. So, this is what I’d like to spend some more time on in the future. I’m hoping that I can solicit your feedback on particular questions you have about cloud computing and then we can put together a show that is focused on your needs.

So, join in!


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