Social Curation

22 Sep

I work as a software developer. Every day it seems like new technologies come along and I don’t want to ignore them because my own personal experience is that some of them will make a huge difference. They may help me automate some process that is currently done manually, or they may provide some service or feature that I would have to build myself otherwise. In a few rare cases, they change the way that I think about software development, and so the way that I do my job changes substantially.

But its hard keeping up with the changes. I have Twitter feeds set up from other developers that I admire and trust. I’ve got Google Reader set up with a bunch of RSS feeds from source that I have found reliable. I use Google Alerts to try and track developments on specific topics. And yet, in many cases I end up finding about new developments in a conversation over coffee, or an email from someone I used to work with.

How I wish there were a way to gather together the best and the brightest, and have them create a repository of what they have learned, what they think is interesting, what they think is groundbreaking. I’m not aware of such a community for my particular area of endeavours, but when I look around at many associations, I see just that kind community. Unfortunately, in many cases, associations fail to take advantage of that potential.

One way to harvest the bounty of your members is through social curation. Provide a way for them to identify what they’re reading, what they’re using to solve their problems, what they think is the next big thing in their field. Look into mechanisms for rating and recommending content. Maybe consider packaging some of the most highly related material into your magazine, if you have one. Or use the most highly rated authors to find people to come and speak at your conferences. Your members are thirsty for knowledge, and in an interesting apparent paradox, are also probably the best source of that knowledge.

Social curation is something that we at AssociCom are tremendously interested in. We’ve experienced ourselves the difference it can make, and we’re passionate making it available to others. If you want to find out more, give us a shout.


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